The general terms and conditions of business and use of the Apartmaji GAJA ( web portal (hereinafter referred to as the general terms and conditions) are drawn up in accordance with the valid regulations of the Republic of Slovenia and apply to all users and/or buyers of the portal and guests of the apartments. These general terms and conditions determine the conditions of use of the Apartmaji GAJA ( web portal, the general terms and conditions of online purchasing, the general terms and conditions of apartment rental, personal data protection, and other rights and obligations of the user/guest/tenant and the provider.

The Apartmaji GAJA ( web portal (hereinafter referred to as the “portal”) is operated by RUAR d.o.o., Brnčičeva ulica 13, 1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče, Slovenija tax number: SI 65873572 (VAT payer), registration number: 357654, entered in the District Court of Ljubljana under registration number Srg 2009/18236 (hereinafter referred to as the “provider”).

The user is any person who uses the portal, and these general terms and conditions apply to them. A guest is any person who has made a valid reservation, rental, or payment for the rental of an apartment, and these general terms and conditions apply to them. A guest is any person who has purchased services (not necessarily rental of an apartment), and these general terms and conditions apply to them.

By using the portal, the user/tenant/guest (hereinafter referred to as the “guest”) accepts these general terms and conditions and confirms that they are aware of them and agree with them. The general terms and conditions that are valid at the time of placing the online order apply to the guest. By placing an order, they agree that they are aware of them. The guest can access the general terms and conditions on the portal. If the guest submits an inquiry by phone or email, and the provider makes an online purchase on their behalf, it is considered that they were informed of the general terms and conditions.


Prices are valid only for the duration of your stay.
Prices are subject to daily change depending on supply and demand.
All prices are in Euros.
VAT is included in the price.
Tourist tax is not included in the price.


Telephone: +386 64 207 778

By confirming the reservation, you accept our general terms and conditions of business.

A confirmed reservation is a commitment, a contract between the Apartments and the guest, both of whom must respect its provisions. The reservation terms are always clearly visible before the final confirmation of the reservation.

Renting an accommodation unit includes:

  • rental of the chosen accommodation
  • use of bedding
  • use of towels
  • free Wi-Fi
  • VAT, registration

We accept reservations by email, online, by phone or in person at the apartments.

To confirm a reservation, we always require an advance payment to a bank account or a valid credit card that we can charge for potential costs of improper cancellation or damage to the hotel.


Available upon prior notice at the time of booking in certain apartment. Not available upon check-in at the hotel. One additional bed per apartment is available. In suites, a bed is prepared through a sofa couch.



Upon check-in at the hotel, a valid identification document (passport, identity card…) must be presented. Documents must be valid at the time of guest’s arrival and departure from the hotel. Each person staying at the hotel must have a valid document.

The reserved accommodation unit is available to the guest between 3 pm and 7 pm on the day of arrival.

Late check-in is possible by prior arrangement.


On the day of departure, the guest must vacate the apartment by 10 am, return the card or key, and settle all outstanding charges. If the guest checks out later, they will be charged extra. Upon prior arrangement and at the discretion of staff, late check-out may be possible.

If charges are not paid in full upon check-out, we will charge your credit card and notify you by email or through the channel through which you contacted GAJA Apartments.


The provider offers the following payment methods:

  • bank transfer to the provider’s transaction account,
  • credit card (Visa/Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, and Diners),
  • cash payment.

Payment for the outstanding amount of accommodation and tourist tax can be made upon arrival in cash or by credit card  by prior agreement.


The guest has the right to cancel the apartment rental. In this case, the provider has the right to reimbursement of cancellation costs. The amount of reimbursement of the cancellation costs depends on the time when the guest submitted the cancellation or how the rental was otherwise canceled.

The guest must inform the provider in writing of the cancellation of the apartment rental (by mail to APARTMAJI GAJA, Zagoriška cesta 26, 4260 Bled, Slovenija or by email If the cancellation is not in writing, it is considered that the rental has not been canceled. If the guest terminates the stay in the apartment due to reasons that are not dependent on the provider’s conduct (guest’s illness, etc.), they are not entitled to reimbursement of costs or a refund, neither partially nor in full.

In the event of cancellation during the rental period due to force majeure, without any reasons on the provider’s side due to improper service, the guest is not entitled to any compensation or price reduction.

After the contract has been concluded, the guest may change the name and/or number of persons who will be staying in the apartment, provided that the change is agreed with the provider.

When the provider receives a written reservation cancellation from the guest, it is:

  • free of charge (no cancellation fees) if the written cancellation is received at least 10 days before the arrival,
  • Cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the rental price will be charged if the guest cancels the reservation after the free cancellation period has expired, in case of no-show, or in the event of an early departure, in case of Nonrefundable reservation.


Provider reserves the right to cancel the rental if unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances arise before or during the rental, which represent a reasonable reason for provider not to conclude the contract if they existed at the time of the contract conclusion. Provider may cancel or terminate the contract and demand compensation for damages from the guest who directly violates the provisions of the contract concluded with the company provider, especially if the guest intentionally provided incorrect information about the number of guests, or if such changes occurred during the rental, and the guest did not inform the company provider. In the event that provider cancels the rental due to objective reasons, the guest is entitled to a full refund of the rental price paid. If the guest breaches the terms of the contract, they are not entitled to a refund of the rental price paid. The provider reserves the right to claim compensation for any damage caused by the guest in the apartment.


To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of refunds, as well as to ensure payment records, refunds will be made exclusively by bank transfer to the guest’s bank account (the guest must confirm the bank account number and other details required for the transfer in advance). Cash refunds are not possible. The refund amount, which is in accordance with the general terms and conditions, will be returned to the guest’s bank account within 3 working days after the confirmation of the required refund details. The guest will bear the cost of the bank transaction/refund.


In case of irregularities or deficiencies in the rental of the apartment, the guest shall report them directly to the contact person of the provider (listed on the invoice, key collection voucher, and in the documentation provided in the apartment), or in writing (by mail to APARTMAJI GAJA, Zagoriška cesta 26, 4260 Bled, Slovenija or by email to If the complaint could be resolved on the spot (e.g. inadequate apartment cleanliness, etc.), but the guest did not complain about the problem on the spot and did not notify the provider of the issue, it shall be deemed that the guest agreed to such service and has lost the right to file later complaints with a request for a reduction of the rental price or compensation for damages. The guest may file a complaint in writing no later than 3 days after leaving the apartment. The complaint must be submitted in writing by the guest themselves or a third party who has been given written authorization. If the authorization is not attached to the complaint, the provider will not consider such a complaint. In other cases the complaint must be justified, and the guest must attach appropriate evidence and/or confirmation from the reception or other relevant person regarding the actual situation on which their claim is based. The amount of compensation is limited to the amount paid for the arrangement. Without a written complaint, the provider will not consider requests for price reductions or claims for damages and other demands.


Accommodation of persons who are not registered in the hotel is strictly prohibited.
From 10 pm to 8 am, quiet hours are required.
Smoking is not allowed in the apartments.
Animals are not allowed in the apartments.


The provider is not responsible for the guest’s personal property or the property of another person left in the rented apartment. By entering into the agreement (confirmed reservation), the guest expressly waives any claim arising from this clause and related costs. In any event of an accident, the guest should first take care of all involved parties and provide first aid if necessary. In case of theft, the guest must immediately inform the landlord and call the police (113) to make a police report, which is NECESSARY to do in such a case. In case of a small fire, the guest must first attempt to extinguish it. If it is a larger fire, the guest must immediately call the fire brigade (112), which is NECESSARY to do in such a case.


The provider ensures that the apartment and all appliances in the apartment are technically flawless, without defects that could cause complications or accidents. In case of a damaged apartment, the landlord, with prior agreement with the guest, provides another rental period. The provider is not responsible for personal property left in the apartment. In other cases, the provider is not liable.

For persons who make reservations through other portals (…), the conditions specified at the time of reservation confirmation on the portal where the reservation was made shall apply.

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